What is Disability Insurance and What are the Most Common Claims? – Keller TX

Hi, my name is Emily and I’m with DDB Financial Services. We assist people with long-term care, disability insurance, and life insurance. And today, I wanted to talk about what disability insurance is. All it is it’s an insurance policy that protects your income. Most people will carry it until the age of 65. You can get it for other periods, such as five or 10 years. And I do that for my clients often that may be in the decision making period where they might sell a practice or get into another occupation. And they may not need the coverage within that field for very long.
But I also wanted to go over what are the most common claims for individual disability policies? And most people don’t know that they are actually caused by sicknesses. Some of the most common sicknesses are heart disease, arthritis, mental and nervous system issues. You also have people that have fractures, back or degenerative disc diseases that they will need to claim. And oftentimes what will happen is once people go on claim due to a sickness, they will have other issues that follow with it, including depression and depression is very common. And it is a disability, counted as a disability. And it will pay for you to recover in the time of need. And that way you can take your time and get back to a good place in your health before you go back to work. And a lot of the times, the disability policy will allow you to go work somewhere else while still getting disability income from your other job, which is very, very important to know. That is all we’re going to cover today and stay tuned. We’ll be going over life insurance and long-term care services soon. Thanks.

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